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I Need Your Opinion

Marc Kegel

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I am not sure if it belongs here but it didnt fit in any other.

I am thinking about to get a Pulse V2 and a Recurve Dual RDA, i am kinda fed up with the availability of coils where i live and want to build myself again and this would be something what i could get here.

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That is what i got available here and ordering is kinda messed up here, would not be the first time that something is not being shipped or is opened and messed with. So i have to go with that what i have available in my Vape Shop.

The only other options i have are:

Bp Mods Bushido V3 or Mechlyfe Slatra BF

I could go without a Squonker and get a tank then i hav something like the Geek Vape Zeus X Mesh (or ZX 2 the naming is horrible) but i dont know how much more liquid i will use with that.

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