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Drive by With Extra Overkill at the End


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It’s puerto Rico , I’ve seen this. they got them switches .  They had some get back they had to handle and really made sure it was handled. Really fucked, making south side Chicago look like a school yard. 

really crazy, don’t know what that dude sipping his drink was doing walking in the open, sending shots their way only to get hit and then sprayed hard at close range . Talk about overkill, they really wanted them dead that’s for sure .came with two cars, assault rifles and glocks with switches. No fear of the cops responding anytime soon .

PR is a nice place and I’ve thought about moving multiple times, I use to spend a lot of time there, but the hoods there are rough. 

Much more clear footage. Don’t watch if you don’t want to see blood and gore 




this version is clear as day and watching this version is VERY different than the original you posted . 


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4 hours ago, Mathieu Corewyn said:

You can double-tap and ad one more for good measure, but this is making swiss cheese.

They had a job to do and they made sure it was done. They were making a statement, clearly more than just a random gang related hit/drive-by, clearly some get back for something serious. 
none the less it is brutal and fucked up . 

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