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I was looking at this interview https://www.digitaltrends.com/news/vape-industry-electronic-cigarette-flavor-ban-trump-jai-haze-reaction/ and the links below it, especially this one https://www.digitaltrends.com/news/juul-ai-powered-vape-to-quit-nicotine-patent/ .  I know that they are old interviews it is remarkable how they post a pro juul interview right around those Truth commercials changed juuling to vaping. And what struck me the most is that both interviews approached vaping and using a juul as a cessation product but juul seemed to be praised for a device that saves your "juuling" info which is then stored on smartphone and can be shared with friends and family or whoever else they wish.  I wa s just wondering if you think this digiltrends compilation of vape posts was one big contradiction, the juul saving who knows what and doctors having access to it is the worse idea in the history of vape stat sharing.   Could you imagine being in highschool and having puffing  contest  during study hall.  Watching all your friends stats, your teacher and trying to time your moment to puff.  You know that shit will be on the Nin. Switch for 1.99.  With ajoy con vape special edition.   Jai, did you ever hold back during that interview?  Just playing, if anyone in the industry was going to do that interview I'm glad it was you You keep it real ,   This puff of I just wax for you.   Now, lets flip it because I,m in portrait and my tablet is acting funny.  There, landscape, much better.  

  • Cheers mates!

Thank you Jai for everything and all the laughs.  I hope you have a good holiday season.


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