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Lost Vape Thelema Dna 250c Theme Installation

Gabriel Dumitran

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Hello everyone. Soon I'll be getting Lost Vape Thelema with the DNA 250C chip and I wanted to know more about themes and how to apply them. Since this is my first DNA device, I do not know much at all. I have used Smok Scar 18 as my first box mod to which I regret getting it for the price I paid at that time but it got me up and running as a novice. Since I got into rebuildable tanks and drippers, the mod is lacking quite a lot of things. The ramp up time is ok but not the best, sometimes I have to screw on a Smok tank so it will work back again with other tanks and the functionalities are very limited. For these reasons I ordered the Lost Vape Thelema. I'd like to install Jai's theme on the mod once it arrives and I am not really sure on how to do it as I'm concerned with the calibration of the chip and factoring the resistance of the box, etc.  Could someone explain some of these aspects to me when installing the theme and how to actually install the theme? I will greatly appreciate that. Thank you!

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