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Future Giveaways on Haze Club


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Future giveaways will no longer be on subscribestar and since patreon DOES not allow it, I have launched it on here. This is pinned in the box for future information, any questions respond here



Whenever there is a new topic you can be notified. On the top of the main forum the box, click follow. Each post will contain something like this on each post

  • x1 for $5
  • x3 for $10
  • x6 for $25
  • x10 for $50 
  • x20 for $100
  • x40 for $200

Each post will have different X amounts per tier. Please pay attention to this.


Purchase subscriptions here


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This will not mess with my other subscription of being a $200 tier patreon will it? 

Also when we switched from the old Haze Club to this did our time of being a hazer start over? Because checking my status it says I joined in November 25, 2021. 

I have been a Hazer for a lot longer.

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