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Out of curiosity I thought it might be fun to have a thread of things people would want to see Jai either answer or discuss should he decide to continue ITM. 
I think it’s interesting to see what people think would make good thought provoking questions or what kind of topics would make for good discussion (whether it requires a difference of opinion or not)

So if you have anything that you’ve thought about or anything you come across, post it here and let’s see if we can spark something intriguing for Jai to dive into. 

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I can start with a couple thoughts I’ve had

-Discussing the difference and fine line between narcissism/sociopathy vs. confidence. A lot of people like to throw these words around and they share many similarities but also differ distinctly. 
-Second would be a discussion on Compassion vs. empathy. As someone who struggles with expressing empathy but is a very compassionate person. This is interesting because while appearing to be identical, they actually differ in the way they are used and how you might act. 

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