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Edwin Spiegelenberg

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FeV 4.5S+

Dvarw MTL

Taifun GTR

Golden Greek Perseus V2

Atmizoo Tripod

PS: I also have the Cabeo with MTL kit but haven't tried yet...

PS 2:  I expected more from the Skyline R, not even close to more affordable and accessible MTL and RDL atties... I'm really disappointed with that one


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Currently using:

22mm Dvarw FL MTL (Steam Tuners Nano tank) and 2*1.2mm airflow pin with 26ga Kanthal A1 round wire 2.5mm ID 6 wraps spaced @ .86 ohm on 15W

Golden Greek Perseus V1 and 2mm airpin with 26ga Kanthal A1 simple clapton wrapped in 36ga Kanthal A1  3mm ID 6 wraps @.45 ohm on 20W

I occasionally rotate the Dvarw with a VWM Imperia on 1.6mm airflow setting and same build as the Perseus. The FeV 4.5S+, Vaping Gentleman's Club Millennium and Atmizoo Tripod also see some use.


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