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Rebel Mods Quality Issues

Jay Mossing

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I own several Rebel Mods and usually have never had a problem with them. Over the past month I've ordered 2 mods from them, a dual 18650 and a dual 21700 squonk. Both have had an issue where the micro-usb on the DNA chip is skewed to the left slightly. I'll attach a photo for reference. Both devices were ordered at separate times and shipped separately. 

I can easily fix this issue, however I feel like for the money paid, it's just unacceptable. I just ordered a single 21700 from them and I'll update if it has the same issue. 

Has anyone else experienced something similar? 


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I think you’ll find that most people here haven’t bought a rebel mod since the last time the rebel haze 20 was made.


Other than the haze 20 ,   Rebel always had one issue or another, loose battery door, customer service  issues etc

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