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Jenna RDA

Edwin Spiegelenberg

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  • Jai changed the title to Jenna RDA

I always do 3id 2×26/36, 2×26/38, 2×28/36, 2×28/38 kanthal 6-8 wraps. Always kanthal! Learned everything from watching Jai's videos, I know he wouldn't steer me wrong. 

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5 hours ago, Edwin Spiegelenberg said:

What’s your favorite build in the Jenna RDA?

I usually go for a fused Clapton 2x26/36 or 2x28/38 kanthal, ohming between 0.3 and 0.6

I run the exact same build in both rtas I use

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I always use 28/38 fused Clapton kanthal of course with what looks like a lot of wraps lol like 9/10 ohming out over 1.1-1.3 and I vape it at a solid 25.3 lol first take a baby hit that warms up the coil and then a normal hit with massive flavor and almost no drain on the battery, mavatons cotton of course and Lost Recipe by Haze Liquids 

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2 hours ago, Jeff Anderson said:

How do i get a jenna rda?And rta

Maybe second hand, social media groups and places like that. Often quite expensive.

On 11/21/2021 at 6:32 AM, Tony Buttons said:

Love Jai´s kanthal coils 0,49 in my Inception

Me too, that’s what I typically prefer, with mavton cotton. These days I’m vaping on a mix of a vanilla cake ejuice mixed with rightside up. Pretty much all I Vape on both squonk and RTA. Delicious 🤤 😋 

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