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Blacklisted: do Not Purchase or Trust


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These are the list of people NOT to trust under any circumstances. If they have a strikethru their name they have kinda redeemed themselves with the description below that.

  • Dustin Bever
    • Grounded off the serial off the box and sent RTA to Batman
  • Stephen M. Yuhas 
  • Nathan Wilson
  • Pete Easton
  • Paul Dryer
  • Istvan Boros 
  • Tanner William Fry
  • Joe Marks
  • Doug Saslona
  • Billy Whitcomb
  • Mat Towers AKA Ayy Jimmy
  • McKenzie Kessler
  • Matthew McClellan
  • Anthony Adornetto
  • Kalpesh Patel
  • Nikos Danill
  • Aron Roth
  • Michael Quirk (Shaterdome)
  • Kenneth Cruz Corley (Cruz)
  • Daniel Padilla
  • Ryan Kearney ( Krazy Roach) selling Shaters JHD’s
  • Lauren Tyler aka Lauren Tom
  • David Van Zant



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