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Mission Xv Exo Aio Device


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10 minutes ago, Spade said:

And just like Tony b it's a clone of the billet. Regardless of it being "modular" it looks and acts just like a billet. 

This is probably even more of an egregious clone of the billet as its designed to accept all billet accessories, particularly their already overpriced switches and panels.

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12 minutes ago, Jai said:

modular....I just cant. How hard is it to get on the list for this shit

Unbelievably hard. Unless you're one of their pets, the majority of group members will try in vain for months trying to buy at RRP on drops and finally in desperation buy secondhand at tremendous markup.

I am posting these at your request so you are aware of them but I personally don't put in work to get these products anymore. I only know of them because they show up in my feed. If something does pop up that I am lucky enough to be able to get for you I will for sure.

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