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Connect to Discord or Lost Access Discord


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Connect to Discord

  • Click on your account in the Patreon app
  • Click on your name
  • Click on the pencill
  • Click on the three stripes on the right
  • Click my profile settings then choose apps, you should be able to connect discord in the app list

If you have tried this and it doesnt work, or you lost connection to discord:

  • Go into discord and sign out.
  • Once signed out, go to patreon settings in the upper right, and click disconnect for discord.
  • Uninstall discord
  • Reinstall discord and DO NOT login yet.
  • Go back to patreon settings and connect to discord.
  • Then go back to discord and log back in

Connect to Discord (without patreon, only using haze club (subscriber here)

  • Click your name on the upper left - then click account settings. Now scroll down to connect to discord.
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